This Week in Toronto (Oct 9- 15)

Good day ya'll! What's been happening? How was your week? My week was pretty good. Did anyone else get out for Nuit Blanche? Here's the real question, was anyone else just a little dissapointed? I remember being more impressed last year. I didn't find as much of a 'wow' factor this year... There were a couple things I enjoyed, the light show at city hall was pretty cool (woo! Pong!). The alleyway beside Massey Hall was also good (pictured left). What did you like? Anyways, on to this week, I had a bit of trouble finding some things, but at least all you Polanski fans will be happy.


The Tenant playing at Bloor Cinema 9pm
This is one of my favorite Roman Polanski films. Part of his aparment trilogy (along with Rosemary's Baby and the fantastic Repulsion) the film centers on a man (Polanski) who moves into a new flat once owned by a women who committed suicide. Polanski's character slowly slips into paranoia and dementia. At times thrilling, and surprisingly funny, this is a real treat for film buffs.


The Notwist at Lee's Palace (529 Bloor St W.)
Germany's The Notwist were at the forefront of the late 90's early 00's Glitch-pop scene. Their album Neon Golden is a modern classic. Haven't had the chance to see them live, and... unfortunately I'll be missing them again. So please, someone check this out, and then report back!!


Mark Berube and the Patriotic Few at Cervajaria (842 College st)
I think I've mentioned Mark on a few occasions here at BtTtF. But I can't say enough good things about him. He's a brilliant songwriter and showman. I'm very excited to see him with his Patriotic Few, and it's his CD release party for What the Boat Gave the River, his follow up to 2007's moving What the River Gave the Boat.... and it's at Cervajaria.. I don't even know this place.. new? I love new venues!!


Rockabilly Brunch at Cadillac Lounge (1297 Queen St. W) 10:30am
Well, I can't say I've ever been to a Rockabilly Brunch, so that's why this sounds so damn appealing. I don't know who's playing, I don't know how good the food is.... but the Cadillac Lounge knows it's Rockabilly, in the past booking legends like Robert Gordon and Chris Spedding, and keeping it's eye on new talent like Alistair Christl. Anybody know who's playing?


My Man Godfrey playing at Bloor cinema 7pm
This is pretty exciting for me. I've never had the chance to see this classic screwball comedy, but it's on my list... and i do have a serious list. It started out as 100 films I need to see, and quickly grew into 4oo. I've seen half of them, but hadn't the chance to get to this one. William Powell is the draw for me and probably anyone who's seen the Thin Man series. He is a gifted actor, with perfect comic timing.


What are YOU doing?
nothing really caught my eye for today, so, what do you have planned? Anything exciting? Help a brother out.


Chinatown playing at Fox Theatre 7pm
Another film for the Polanski fan in your family! If you've never seen a Polanski film, I'd say this is a perfect start. Neo-noir set in 30's LA staring Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway and the deliciously evil John Huston. Everything falls perfectly into place in this movie. A classic noir set-up (a femme fatale walks into the private dick's office to have him tail her husband) mixed with that 70's grit and realism (the relationship between Dunaway and Huston) capped with one of the greatest endings ever filmed (Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown).

See ya folks tomorrow with this weeks track... of the week!

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Jessica Rae Gordon said...

Tuesday's voting day!

And here's something interesting for Wednesday:

Fall Film Fort!
wednesday, oct.15 (9pm - 12am)
263 Adelaide St., Apt.404
"Film Fort is a screening night that showcases new film and video works from Canadian artists as well as international guest artists. The screenings take place in a GIANT FORT."