Track of The Week: Them Neon Mountain Tops by BirdsacrosswateR

I've raved about BirdsacrosswateR before, and basically every thing Nic Lefevbre is attached to (Hunt Chant for example) is worth your time. When trying to come up with this weeks Track of the Week, I immediately thought of Them Neon Mountain Tops. The track was released earlier this year online as part of his "A Haunted Room" EP. The song is definitely haunting, almost apocalyptic, a sort of sensitive-Johnny-Cash-type apocalypse. A simple strum on two chords create a slow march to support Nic's shaky voice and surrealist lyrics, an eerie lo-fi synth (possibly a Casio) comes in soon after. That's it for instrumentation, but it draws me in every time, I always want more.

Check out Them Neon Mountain Tops and more from BirdsacrosswateR here

There are a few artists who I wish a label would take a chance on, and Nic definitely tops the list. I couldn't imagine what sort of great things he could do if he had some money behind him. If you're interested in signing him, or just getting a hold of his great EP or album "In a Pie" drop him a line at his myspace.


Sam Allen said...

Mr. Clarke, I couldn't agree more with you, Nic is a very brilliant artist.

Shawn William Clarke said...

Amen Mr Allen, amen.