Note From the Editor: Vote, kids.

Hey folks, how was your thanksgiving weekend? Mine was pretty good. The one subject of conversation that kept coming up was Tuesday's election. We're voting for a prime minister over here in Canada, so this post is probably more for the Canuck kids. If you couldn't tell from my re-post of Margaret Atwood's brilliant rebuttal to Stephen Harper, I won't be voting conservative. As an artist (and a fan of the arts) I couldn't possibly vote for him. That's just one issue of many that I disagree with. So where does my vote go? That's sort of the problem. No one is really grabbing me, no one is saying anything interesting, or refreshing. It's all very childish (luckily not John McCain childish, but none the less...). Did anyone watch the debates? It was ridiculous. 4 children attacking Stephen Harper. But here's the thing, I know Harper is not for me, so how about telling me why I should vote for you? Novel idea, no? How brilliant would it be for a candidate to by-pass that nonsense. Rise above it. Anyways, that probably won't happen. Politicians have always, and probably will always play that game.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, maybe most of us can agree that we don't want Harper in office anymore, so, since we can't go out and vote for the best of the best, try to vote for the best of the worst. I'm serious here, it's really important to make your voice heard, and if you don't want to vote for the major parties vote for a fringe party, it's a good way to let the majors know that they aren't reaching you. I've linked to the official parties website for you to peruse, good luck at the polls (oh yeah, you can legally take up to 3 hours from work to vote, so no excuses!!).

All tomorrow's parties!


Marci said...

You are awesome Shawn!
My thoughts: We live on the earth, so we need it to live. The green party has a main goal to protect the earth. I believe that they are truely the only party who is looking out for everyones best interest. Give them a chance. No one will ever know unless they try.

Shawn William Clarke said...

I definitely have considered the green party, and I think people need to start taking them a lot more seriously. Thanks for your input!

Jessica Rae Gordon said...

If you're into strategic voting, here's a website link to help.
Click on the green button "Vote smart so the majority wins" and you can see who's leading in your riding.