This Week in Toronto (Oct 16- 22)

Well, it's another week, and a new... er... the same government... except slightly scarier. Apparently this was one of the lowest voter turnouts ever. Did all of you vote? Cause you know what the punishment for not voting is? Another election in 6 months. Remember that next time. Anyways, what's on for this week in the arts? (all shows subject to severe funding cuts)


Constantines on Vanier Field, York University 12:30pm FREE!!
I don't know if there is a football game attached to this or not... either way, a free Constantines concert is something to get excited about. These guys put on one of the best live shows, and you get a chance to see them do it on a football field.... when I say "do it", I mean play music, not Do it.


Before the Flood, Little Foot Long Foot and Shawn Clarke at Cameron House 9pm
One of two shows I'm playing this week! This first one, Dee from Quarry records graciously asked me to open (she's a sweet heart). I'm pretty excited, but more because I haven't seen these bands play before, but I keep hearing good things. Come share a pint with me... and Dee!


Jason Collett at Lee's Palace

Broken Social Scener Jason Collett is playing at Lee's. Pretty cool. I've never seen him live for some reason, and since I'll be in London playing the Artsquest festival, I won't be seeing him this time.... But you can, and then you can tell me how great he is.


Spaghetti Western Orchestra at Premier Dance Theatre (207 Queens Quay W)

I don't know much about this band, except that they play Morriconne tunes!! Soooooo cool. I want to be a spaghetti western band, badly. I hope they play something off of Once Upon a Time in the West. It's one of my favorite scores, and one of the best films in the genre.


Carnival of Souls playing at Bloor Cinema 4pm
Have you seen this film before? Cause you should. It's eerie. It's an independent horror (for lack of a better word) film from 1962 about a group of friends who get into a car accident. When everybody thinks they are dead, one women emerges from the wreck and tries to continue her everyday life. But she's followed by these phantoms... and, well, just trust me, this is a great moody atmospheric piece of cinema. Great for pre-halloween viewing.


D.O.A. playing at Bloor Cinema 4pm
Classic film noir about a man who has been poisoned and only has a few days to live. He races against the clock to find out who did it and why. Sound familiar? Jason Straitham's Crank is a pretty clever remake.

Barzin and Shawn Clarke at Tranzac (292 Brunswick Ave)

Show two! And pretty exciting for me, as I get to play with one of my favorite Toronto artists, Barzin. He's great, from his own biography: "Barzin weaves a personal narrative rich with poetic sensibility". Listening to his music right now. Beautiful mid tempo tunes, with soft melodies. Stunning.


House on Haunted Hill playing at Bloor Cinema 4pm
Another classic horror film playing at the Bloor! This one from 1959 and starring the always entertaining Vincent Price. They remade this film in 1999, but I've never seen it. Love the original though. Scarier than you'd expect, with a small dose of camp for good measures.

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Lesley Denford said...

TWO Shawn Clarke shows in one week? Wicked cool. :)