Track of the Week: Western Roads by Evening Hymns

Listening to "Western Roads" again reminds of the first time I saw Evening Hymns. It was at one of my favorite venues in the city, Tranzac. They were opening for another Toronto fav, Barzin. I was blown away by the performance. Evening Hymns is one guy, playing guitar and singing. He loops both the vocals and guitars to create his own backing orchestra. The lights are turned low, and an overhead projector and some paper provide a moving visual for his brooding music.

Check out Western Roads, and other tracks from Evening Hymns here!

Western Roads was one of the songs that really stood out for me. For one, it's one of the few songs that was straight ahead without any loops. And its also a very moving song about leaving, and loss. The instrumentation consist of just acoustic guitar, simple organ pads, and a male and female voice.

You can get a chance to see Evening Hymns for yourself in a couple of weeks, they'll be in the city on the 15th of November.

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