Polling the Artists Q6

Oh man, I totally dropped the ball on this one. I try to get these up at the start of the month.... well anyways, here it is! It's a short list today, but here's the question:

What season inspires you the most and why?

Alexandra Krakus: musician
autumn: b/c it's a time of paradoxes: the beautiful suffering of foliage, life riding the coattails of death...

and here's something i wrote about autumn about a month ago:

Spring is pompous with infatuation.
Summer is gaudy with sunbaked vanity.
Winter glistens with consumerism.
But Autumn is our time: the time of the wistful and nostalgic, the downcast outcasts of society, their faded jeans and frayed corduroy.

Lesley Denford: Artist, designer
Autumn is definitely the loveliest season. The flavours - pumpkin, rich spices, sweet burnt caramel. The smells - crisp cool morning air, burning leaves, roast turkey and potatoes and big family feasts. The colours - mahogany, deep red, yellow ochre. The fashion - layers of scarves, jackets, wool, tweed, boots, big fuzzy mittens. Fall feels expectant, full of coloured and textured changes in preparation for the cozy and cuddled up winter ahead.

Darryl Graham: Illustrator

In direct opposition, autumn is the season of foreboding. It's that awkward season that, although colourful, bridges the gap of fun in the sun and sting-y cold cheeks.

It's a season long reminder that I'm about to endure ANOTHER season of bitterly cold winds, knee deep snow and a dive in my bank account. In the early days of autumn I cling the the last moments of summer weather and cherish them more then the summer days just past. But each one, has the fear that it could be the last of the season.

I guess when I think about it, I don't even consider autumn as a season at all. just a link between the seasons summer and winter. I think I hate fall because I FUCKING hate winter, and fall is simply like winter calling and saying "dude, can I crash on your couch for like... 4 months? kay be there in a couple weeks."

Shawn Clarke: Musician
I can't say I really have a season that inspires me more than another. My inspiration comes from different elements. Leisure time helps. Relationships are big influences. On a personal level, I like early to mid autumn purely on aesthetics. But summer means swimming. Winter means snow angels. Spring means.... mud. Spring really is the bastard season.

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