This Day in Toronto: Thurs Oct 23

Oh man, I'm lazy today. I spent the day at the science center. Which is cool, but learnin' makes me sleepy. Anyways, I'm too lazy to write the whole week right now, I'll try to get it up later. In the mean time, here's what you can do tonight if you're looking for something fun. I played a great show last the other night with one of Toronto's greatest songwriters, Barzin. Great songs, and what a band! Nick Zubeck was playing guitar, which was really cool. Also, if you get a chance, I guest blogged for Lesley Denford on Wednesday, writing her "Music to Rock Your World" segment. Check it out!


Detour playing at Bloor Cinema 4pm
On Tuesday, the Bloor was playing one of the greatest Film Noir's D.O.A. And, today they're playing another one of the best Edgar G. Ulmar's Detour. Basically, you've got a bitter piano player, relating in flashback, how he took the identity of a man who picked him up while hitchiking. The man dies, police are involved, and a femme fatale who knows more than she should. Damn, classic Film Noirs are always worth the price of admission.

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