This Week in Toronto (Aug 24-29)

Hey hey, I did Thursday's listing yesterday, but was too lazy to put the rest of the week up.... So, here it is! Starting with glorious friday! Click a link to learn more, and leave a comment or suggestion in the comments section!


William Delray at Cameron House 6pm
I've got two reasons for shouting this show out. 1, the obvious reason, William is a very talented and unique singer songwriter. 2, he's from my home town of Orillia, and it's great to see some talent come from that city. He writes some really great low-fi folk music.


Odetta at Hugh's Room
Odetta is a folk icon... I say folk, but really her music bridged a lot of musical gaps, blues, gospel, soul, in such a compelling way. She was highly influential on Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin to name a few. I've added a different youtube video to each of her names. Click and check em' out, first is early, second more recent (she's still got it). She's playing Fri Oct 24th as well.


Do whatever you feel like!!
I couldn't find anything too compelling about Sunday, so do what you like!! I'm also fielding suggestions, so anything you know that's happening Sunday (or anyday for that matter) please leave it in the comments section.


Wag the Dog playing at Revue Cinema 7pm
Do you like political satires? Because this is one of the best. A hollywood producer is asked to help the government stage a phony war... With every new development in Iraq, I think of this film. And what a great cast, Dustin Hoffman, Robert DeNiro, Denis Leary, Willie Nelson (!!), Woody Harrelson, Kirsten Dunst, William H. Macy.... etc etc... You'll never look at Albania the same way again.


Army of Darkness playing at Bloor Cinema 9:30
People love the Evil Dead trilogy, and while most people lean more towards Evil Dead 2, I have a serious soft spot for this film. Remember when Sam Raimi was an interesting director? This has so many great lines!! And I love me some stop motion skeletons. Good times. Just watch this trailer, it's brilliant.


David Byrne at Massey Hall $39.50 to 69.50
I don't know about you, but I love the Talking Heads. Great stuff really. And David Byrne's solo stuff hasn't been without his charm. I think he's planning on touring soon with Brian Eno, which has got me REALLY excited, but until that show, this will do just fine.

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