This Week in Toronto: Nov 6 - 12

It looks like this week is CD release week! Three of Toronto's finest are having a party and the good new is that they're all on different days! But first, let me tell you about a great acts that I played with the other day. Have you heard of Polyester Heart? Local band consisting of two talented musicians, Dave Marcotte on guitar and the mic, and Marshall Bureau on Drums. Kinda early Hayden mixed with a bit of early Dashboard Confessional... I've had the opportunity to see Marshall play on a numerous occasions, with Nick Zubeck and Barzin. Very talented. If I see that they're playing anywhere near by, I'll let ya know.


Antler CD release party at The Boat (158 Augusta Ave)
One of the perks of being one of Olenka's Autumn Lovers, is that we're alway paired with interesting bands. Antler was one of them. This 2 piece act shared the stage with us at Mitzi's Sister a few months back. What an impression they leave! Six string banjo and drums, great vocals by the pair... it's got an eerie old-timey vibe. And just as cool, on the same bill that night is one of my new favorite singer songwriters, Sandro Perri.


Barzin at the Rivoli (334 Queen St. W)
I was lucky enough to share a bill with Barzin a couple of weeks ago, and I was blown away. Humbled even. He's a brilliant songwriter. And in a new song he got the chance to rhyme Jesus Christ... he was pretty proud of that, and I don't blame him... seriously, you try it, it's not that simple. He's sharing the night with Priya Thomas, who I don't know much about... Barzin tells me she's fantastic, so check it out.


The Bicycles CD release at Lee's Palace
This IS the most fun you'll have all week. I guarantee. I caught they're Last Smaltz night a couple years back (where they invited a bunch of their friends on stage for a night of great peppy music ala the Band) and it was amazing. They're doing the same thing, inviting a bunch of great musicians on stage to play with them. Who? Well, how about Laura Barrett, Sandro Perri, Sebastien Grainger, and Matt Murphy? Damn right.


Bad Day at Black Rock playing at Cinematheque Ontario (317 Dundas W) 1pm
I love that we're getting some much Film Noir on the big screen these days! Bad Day at Black Rock is more than your average film noir. Juggling alagories against racism and McCarthyism. And it's Cinematheque, you so know you're getting the finest print available.


Vicky Christina Barcelona playing at the Fox Theatre (2236 Queen St E) 7pm
I just picked up this great old record of Woody Allen's comedy (check out album cover below, very litchenstien). Anyways, it reminded me that I have yet to see his latest feature, Vicky Christina Barcelona. If you're in the same boat, I suggest heading over to the east end and catching it at the Fox Theatre.


The Strip CD Release at The Super Market (268 Augusta Ave)
Yay! Another CD release! Another good one. A hard working band by the name of the Strip. I've shouted them out before, and I feel like, just maybe, you haven't given them a listen. Well here's your chance, go support em' at the Super Market, what else could you be doing on a Tuesday night? Nothing this good.


Cineforum goodies at Cineforum (463 Bathurst st)
Cineforum is always up to something. All this week (from Thursday until today, wed) they've got Alice in Wonderland playing to the Wall by Pink Floyd. Dracula playing with Radiohead's Kid A. And of course, Wizard of Oz playing with The Dark Side of the Moon. Bring your own hallucinogens.


Jessica Rae Gordon said...

oo! this week looks so good! I want to hear Barzin on friday, but alas, Trash Palace night ...

Maybe I'll make it to Cineforum though.

Shawn William Clarke said...

Maybe you will Gordon.... maybe you will.