Track of the Week: Oh no it's Love by The Bicycles

So if you're still undecided on what to do this Saturday, maybe this will help. The Bicycles are having their CD release at Lee's Palace, AND on their Myspace site, you can listen to the ENTIRE album in it's ENTIRETY! I really don't know why I picked this track, cause it could have been any of them (Stop Calling Me Baby is The Flying Baritto Brothers except far more adorable, for example).

Check out the ENTIRE album, including Oh No It's Love here!

Oh No It's Love is far too fun for it's own good. It's like... hmm...Do you like sugar? Do you like the music of the Archies? Beach Boys? Kinks? Except do you think all those bands could be a lot cuter? What's in your head right now is pretty close to what this song sounds like.

Just check it out, and then go to the show on Saturday, I beg you. I'll be in Montreal, therefore, I'll be missing out. Be better than me. Go to this show. Please.

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