Track of The Week: Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon

Every year there is one song that I can't get out of my head. And I'm talking about commercial radio here. There are great songs I hear all the time by local and independent bands. But commercial radio is usually void of anything great. Last year there was Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. The year before that it was Mr. Brightside by the Killers. This year, it looks like it's Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon.

If you haven't been inundated by this song yet on the radio, check it out here

So what is it that I love about this song? For me it's the chorus, I love the way he sings it, and I love the guitar. My girlfriend (and fellow blogger) Lesley Denford said "It sounds like he really loves singing". And it seems like an obvious thing to say, but there's some real emotion in his voice, something that can be lacking in the Vocoder pitch shifting world we live in.

To be honest, nothing else really jumps out at me about Kings of Leon, but check out thier Myspace, maybe something will grab you.

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Lesley Denford said...

Wow, don't I sound eloquent:

"It sounds like he really loves singing!"

It sounded way more profound when I said it out loud. In written format, I just sound like a knob. Other than that, I really like this post. And this catchy radio tune. :)