Note from the Editor: A couple bands to watch out for

Hey folks. I'd mentioned the possibility of getting an interview I did with Nick Zubeck up today. But unfortunately it'll have to wait. It takes for ever for me to transcribe these things, so I'm only like, a third done. Maybe Wednesday? Anyways, I spend the weekend up in London and just wanted to mention a few bands I either saw, or heard for the first time.

A Horse and His Boy

Ok, it wasn't the first time I saw this band. If you'll remember, a few months back I participated in a tribute to the Beatles White Album, and the band A Horse and His Boy played two songs, Piggies and Glass Onion. Both renditions were mind blowing. Anyways, I show up at 33 Yale (which is not only the place where half my band lives, it's also the venue we played in Sat night), and the band where just about to go through their set. They invited me to sit in and listen, and I was blown away. They have some serious potential, they are loud, clever, and exciting.

Forest City Lovers/ the Phonems

Two bands consisting of the same three people (although, word had it that most of the Forest City Lovers weren't in attendance), but two different (but equally enjoyable) shows. Forest City Lovers leading lady, Kat Burns, played some beautiful songs to a hushed and appreciative audience. Changing leads, the Phonems played a similar role, complete with audience participation. I can safely say I'll never see quit a moment like when the entire audience were given grocery bags to play as percussion instruments.

The Welcome Wagon

Cellist for the Autumn Lovers, Paterson Hodgeson, introduced a couple really great bands to me this weekend. One was Welcome Wagon. I'm not a man of God, and normally I couldn't think of anything less exciting than having to listen to Christian rock. But Welcom Wagon is the exception. It doesn't hurt that they had Sufjan Stevens producing and arranging their debut, Welcome to the Welcome Wagon. Imagine if the music of Sufjan featured more old time gospel and blue grass. This is a serious find for anyone, Christian or other.

Well that'll do for now. I'll see you soon, don't forget the Laura Barrett/ Valery Gore show on Wednesday, I'll see ya there.... If I don't, check back on thurday for sure, there are some fantastic shows going on this weekend.