This Week Continued...

Hey guys, just got back from doing an interview with Nick Zubeck. Great talk, and I can't wait to get it up here for you. Hopefully (fingers crossed) Monday... Monday?... Anyways, the rest of the week, pretty much looks weak (yup, the week looks weak). But there is a GREAT show on Wednesday though, so.... maybe I'll just jump to the 28th!


Laura Barrett and Valery Gore at The Horseshoe
Two of my favorite local artists playing a show together! Both have new albums out. Both have great bands (assuming Laura has her band with her... either way she's still great...). Both are very talented and attractive to boot. If you haven't heard either of them, just click on their names above, it'll take you to their myspaces. Headlining the night is the Josh Reichmann Oracle Band. I'm not familiar with Mr. Reichmann, or his band, but if he's headlining a night with these two, he can't be all that bad. See ya there.

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