This week in Toronto (Jan 22 - 23)

Hello there. Here is your week in Toronto...... This week... well, actually it's just Thursday and Friday. Cause, I really can't find anything for Saturday to Monday. So, I'm gonna give myself another day of looking. SO that means, if you know of any good shows this week, please, post them in the comments section.


Being There playing at Bloor Cinema 9pm
One of the greatest actors of all time (whom I've mentioned on many occasions) is Peter Sellers. He's mostly considered a comic actor, but a film like this shows a much deeper range than that. This a film about a shut in, who finally has to face the real world. His child like ways and literal take on things is perseived as wisdom by people in high places, and he quickly finds himself a political insider. a very funny, biting satire, with an ending you'll be talking about long after leaving the theater.


Mr Something Something at Hugh's Room

Afro-beat. It's funky, it's energetic, it's a good time. You like to dance? Then head over to Hugh's Room.

Again, if you know of anything good going on Sat, Sun Or Mon, just send me a message in the comments section. I'll update the rest of the week tomorrow.


Alexis Marsh said...

David Baxter CD release at the Dakota thursday, tonight, the 23rd of Jan. Honest, heart-broken lyrics. Beautiful guitar playing, and it's the Dakota.

Alexis Marsh said...

yikes, the 22nd. I meant the 22nd.