Note from the Editor: 9 acts in 4 days

Hey there, well it's been a good couple of nights for music, I thought I might give you the low down.

WED JAN 28, The Horseshoe

Laura Barrett
I was really excited for this night, two BtTtF favorites playing on one bill. The show started with Laura Barrett. I love her Kalimba playing, but it's really exciting to see her play piano these days. Very nice to hear the piano driven tracks from Victory Garden performed live.

Valery Gore
Second for the night was Valery Gore and her band. Her normal drummer, Dan Neil, is in Germany, so she had fellow humber-ite Steve Dagg playing with her. The band still sounded great, horn section and all. Highlight for me was the performance of Scared. Such a great song, had the kids up front and dancing.

Josh Riechman Oracle Band
I had no idea what this was going to be like, having never heard Josh perform before. But it was a great show. sounded a bit like a mash up of Talking Heads, T-Rex, and maybe a bit of early Brian Eno. Josh has a great stage presence, and a good following.

THURS JAN 29, Imperial Pub

Bill Brautigan
Ever been to the Imperial Pub? I hadn't until Thursday. Pretty cool place, it's been a fixture on Dundas (just east of Yonge) since the 40's. They just recently began having shows there, and Bill does a monthly. He opened, but the sound was pretty low. He played a bit of piano, and that seemed to be where he was at his strongest.

Another BtTtF favorite, Nic Lefebvre made his way to Toronto for the release of his new CD, Like Art. He was backed up by girlfriend Charleigh, playing Casio and Melodica. It was a good set, but I'd love to see him perform his new tracks with a full band.

Owl Eyes
When I asked around about what Owl Eyes sounded like, most people threw around the words adorable, and cute. While she (and her music) is both of those things, I was surprised at how mature and at times sexy her music is. She has the soul of an old folk singer.

FRI JAN 30 at Tranzac

Ronlay Teper
This was probably the best performance of the week. Most people try to emulate the musicians that influence them, and usually you can hear it... not that it's a bad thing. But Ronlay is an entity all of her own. Her voice has to be heard to be believed, changing from a terrifying growl to a heart breaking soprano, usually in the same song. And what a band! A group of musicians who look like they're having a fantastic time.

SAT JAN 31 at Horseshoe

The Darcys
Another band I knew nothing about, but a band that seems to have a big following. They were pretty good at what they did, the drummer was especially great, but one of the guitarists had probably the worst tone I'd ever heard. Kind of like the sound of a buzz saw, all treble, sort of cutting your eardrums. I'm listening to the music on their myspace now, and it's really good, so maybe they just had a weird sound night, these things can happen.

Bruce Peninsula
I've heard a lot of buzz about this band. I made a point of heading out to the Horseshoe just to see them. And although I understand what the buzz is about, I think there is still room for improvement. They are a huge band, roughly 12 people on stage at a time, mostly singers. It would be nice if those singers had some more harmonies to sing. It's mostly unison lines (or doubled harmonies), which work at times, but can lose it's effect a few songs in. But there is greatness hidden in their apocalyptic shanties, check them out at Soundscapes (572 College St) this wednesday at 7pm.

Well that does it. Catch you soon with my interview with Nick Zubeck, and This Week in Toronto.

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