This Week in Toronto (Feb 5 - 11)

Hey guys and gals. I should have went out to see Bruce Peninsula at Sound Scapes, then see Major Grange/ Golden Dogs/ Zues over at the Dakota... but dammit, it was too cold, and I was in a bad mood (I saw the Juno's nomination, that always makes me angry). I watched Traffic instead (how the hell did Gladiator beat this out in the oscars!?!?). Anyways, lets see what this week will bring.


N.O.J.O. Big Band Tribute to Pink Floyd at Rex Hotel (194 Queen Street West)
Well this could be cool. NOJO is one of the coolest (if not most interesting) big bands you'll get the chance to see, and they're apparently doing Dark Side of the Moon in it's entirety. Could be cool.


The Passion of Joan of Arc playing at Cinematheque Ontario 7pm 
I had the pleasure of seeing this film for the first time a couple months ago, and it's fantastic. Carl Theodor Dreyer was ahead of his time. This film about Joan of Arc was released in 1928, and contains many very powerful scenes (including a blood letting scene that could only be real).


Hillside Music Festival in Guelph!

Allright, it's not Toronto, but if you can make the hour journey to Guelph you get to see Stars, K'Naan, Bell Orchestra, Great Lakes Swimmers, Thunderheist (pictured below) and some guy named Sam Roberts. Pretty good...


Chasing Amy part of Kevin Smith Fest playing at Bloor Cinema 9:30pm
I used to really like Kevin Smiths films, but I kinda feel like most of them haven't aged well. Chasing Amy was always the exception for me. It's exploration of sexuality is a lot more clever than people give it credit for. If you're a Kevin Smith fanatic, you can see Clerks 1 and 2 on Sunday; Mallrats and Chasing Amy Monday; and Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob on Tuesday.


From Russia with Love and DR No playing at Fox Theatre 7 & 9:15pm

From Russia with Love is probably my second favorite Bond film (first is On Her Majestys Secret Service) and my favorite Sean Connery bond. Dr. No, is the first Bond film, so everyone should see it at least once. Sean Connery has never been as sexy as in these 2 films. Connery circa 1962 would probably make me reconsider my (already suspect) sexuality.

Ok, keep it real ya'll. If you know of any shows going on this week that I must check out, please tell me in the comments section. Or just drop by to say hello.

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