This week in Toronto (Feb 19 - 25)

This is the abridged version.... here is tonight and tomorrow, I'll put the rest of the week up post haste.


The Strip
at Supermarket

The good folks in the Strip are playing their 500's show. Drop by and say hello. If you're in London On, head over to Coffee Cultures tonight, I'll be playing with Davita G and For Love or Money.


Evening Hymns at The Drake Hotel
I saw this fabulous performer from Peterborough last year at the Tranzac, and I was mesmerized. Beautiful looped guitar lines, great brooding melodies. Last time he had someone doing animation on an overhead projector, I don't know if that'll be happening this time or not. Either way.

Ok, rest of the week up tomorrow. Including a great show happening on Wed... because I'm playing!! Talk soon.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey did you end up going to the show? How was it? Was Carly working the projector again? Thanks


Shawn William Clarke said...

The show was fantastic. No projector though. But he's such a captivating performer, I can't wait to see him again.