This Week in Toronto (March 19 - 25)

Here's to getting a full week up!! Yay!! The last couple of weeks I've been pretty lazy, I apologize... If someone wants to give me some money to do this, I promise I won't miss another Thursday!!


Ronley Teper CD release at Tranzac
I've had the pure joy of seeing Ronley only once, but it was one of those great shows that you never forget (which always seem to happen at the Tranzac for some reason). She is everything that is right about making music. There is so much great energy coming from the stage, it's infectious. A must see.


The Birds and Bees Fundraiser at Smash Gallery (2880 Dundas West)
I don't comment much on art shows, because my knowledge is limited. But, this Friday there is a great show going on at a great gallery. It is put on by the Sheridan Illustration Council and will feature works by Sheridan Alumni and Faculty. That's a lot of great artist to pick from. Smash itself is one of the coolest galleries I've ever been to. Specializing in... well... the craziest stuff you can imagine. Check out the giant pink Jesus.


Rock Plaza Central at Horseshoe Tavern
Although I have been consistently disappointed by the sound at the legendary horseshoe tavern, it's worth heading down on Saturday night to hear the indie/Americana sounds of Rock Plaza Central. If you live in London Ontario, you can see them at Call the Office Friday night with the incredibly talented Timber Timbre.... actually if you're in London, you should spend your Friday night at Aeolian Hall to see Olenka and the Autumn Lovers....


Spaced Marathon playing at Bloor Cinema 5pm
Continuing with a great movie series curated by Edgar Wright, this Sunday we get something real special. A Marathon of his early TV series Spaced. If you haven't seen Spaced just trust that anything Edgar Wright (and Simon Pegg) touches turns to comic gold. This is REALLY COOL!!


Born Ruffians and Akron Family at Lee's Palace
Now this is a good bill. Catch the Born Ruffians in a small venue now cause they'll be touring with Franz Ferdinand come April. Oh, and the same bill is playing the next night.... but it may be sold out...


Saul Williams and Les Claypool at Guvernment

What?! Saul Williams and Les Claypool on the same bill? That's weird. No wonder their calling this the The Oddity Faire: A Mutated Mini Fest. Claypool is the wacky bass player/singer from Primus. No idea what he's doing these days.... Saul Williams is a great spoken word/rapper/ singer, I first noticed his work on the great Blackalicious track "Release" (he's near the end if you wanna check the song out). He's amazing, check him out.

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