Track of the Week: Better Git it in Your Soul by Charlse Mingus AND Davy Graham

Hey there, Happy Monday!! The Sun is shining, and I have the day off. Nice. I spent this weekend playing with two of my favorite bands, Timber Timbre and Olenka and the Autumn Lovers. Last night in particular was marvelous, playing with Timber Timbre opening for Bruce Peninsula in a GREAT place in Waterloo called the Grist Mill. It's, well, an old turn of the century Grist Mill. Seeing a big powerful band like BP in a venue like that was spine tingling.

I also went CD shopping yesterday (yes I still do that). And I picked up a couple of gems, Michelle McAdorey and Eric Chenaux's Love Don't Change; the great Cedric IM Brooks' From Mento to Reggae to Third World Music, and an album from the old British folk/jazz singer Davy Graham (called Folk Blues and Beyond...). The Davy Graham album features a cover of one of my favourite Jazz songs "Better Git in Your Soul". I thought I'd show it off to you, today.

Here's the great Charles Mingus version (the tenor sax solo is probably my favorite solo of all time).

And here's Davy Graham's acoustic guitar version.

Have a great Monday. I'll see you sometime this week with an interview I did with a new band called Stage Hands. A mix of alternative rock and Broadway musical, very interesting.


Jessica Rae Gordon said...

do do do, dodle do, do do!
thanks for the music.

Alexis Marsh said...

I'm it took me so long to listen to this. Davy Graham's version is so great. Thanks for finding that!

Dave Marcotte said...

dude, I missed this post when you um, first posted it. This is one of my top ten favorite jazz songs of all time (the Mingus version). the joy of it, not mention the weird angled musicality of it makes me smile every time I hear it. There's another version of it on Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus. I can't remember which one I like more, but it's all awesome.

Shawn William Clarke said...

Nice! What did you think of the acoustic guitar version?

Dave Marcotte said...

It's really cool. Where did you find it? Is it well known?

Shawn William Clarke said...

The album was at a listening station at Soundscapes. I find a lot of albums that way.