This Week in Toronto (March 26 - April 1)

Hello, hello hello. While writing this TWiT (ha) I'll be listening to the very funky NASA album The Spirit of Apollo. I knew nothing about NASA, but was intriqued by two things. The album art:

And The guest list; David Byrne, Chuck D, Tom Waits, Gift of Gab, Kool Keith, George Clinton, M.I.A., Ghostface Killah, Del the Funkee Homosapien, Kanye West... The list goes on. This is a very funky album. Anyways, back to TWiT. Click on the links to learn more about the events/bands/movies. If you have any comments (maybe you've seen the band before... maybe you think people should be doing something else with their time, etc...) please leave it underneath in the Comments section.


$100 and Julie Doiron at Horseshoe

I've been trying to catch $100 for some time now. But I keep missing them. I just missed their set for CMW a couple weeks ago (also at the Horseshoe) but I may just make it tonight! Even though it's at the Horseshoe, which for some reason, has has the worst sound in the city for the last 3 shoes I've seen there. It's also Julie Dioron's CD release, so giddy up.... or you can go see Big Daddy Kane at the Pheonix. Nice.


Ryan Driver Quartet at
Ryan released one of my favorite albums from last year, Feelers of Pure Joy. His live show is unpredictable, a great way to spend a Friday night.


at Horseshoe

I did part one of my interview with this band on Tuesday, (and will hopefully have part two up tomorrow). But you can check out their Broadway meets Rock and Roll at the Horseshoe on Saturday.


Weakerthans, Constantines and Waking Eyes at Phoenix
I love the Constantines. They put on one of the best shows you can catch. High energy. The Weakerthans I've seen once, and they're pretty good. Not familiar enough with the Waking Eyes to comment... basically I'm shouting this out for the Constantines. This line up is playing 4 nights at the Phoenix so if you don't get the chance on Tuesday, you've got three more days to choose from.


Howie Beck and Dan Griffin at Mod Club
Howie Beck's CD release, Howie is pretty good, but I'm excited for Dan Griffin. I've had the pleasure of playing a show with him in the past and he's a great performer, who deserves this kinda spotlight.

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