This Week in Toronto (March 5 - 11) UPDATED!

Ok, so first of all, I'm sorry I didn't put up a This Week in Toronto last week. I had a bad gig the night before, no one came out... which I don't mind too much if no one sees me, but Nick Zubeck was playing as well, and everyone should see him. So I got grumpy, and was all like... "No one comes anyways, why do I post these things!?". But I'm over it now. So, here's the next couple of days, and I'll post the rest of the week later. UPDATED: WE NOW HAVE THE FULL WEEK!!


Take your dog for a walk

Don't have a dog? Take a friends dog!! It should be a good day for it.... Take your cat, maybe.


No Guff Indie Showcase featuring William Delray at Clintons (693 Bloor St)

Ok, so I'm gonna let you in on a secret... Delray and his band are one of those bands who you might want to see now. Cause if everything goes right they should be huge. He's a great songwriter, and the band is fantastic. Think other Canadian collectives Broken Social Scene, and the Arcade Fire. See them at Clintons. That advice is free, you can thank me later.


Joni Mitchel Tribute at Hugh's Room
Are you fans of Joni Mitchel? I am. She's great (a billion covers of Big Yellow Taxi aside). On Saturday you can see Layah-Jane, Kevin Fox, Sacha Williamson, Kurt Swinghammer, Valery Gore, Tamara Williamson, Snowblink, and Mia Sheard put thier personal touches on her songs (hopefully not Big Yellow Taxi).


The Warriors playing at Bloor Cinema 9:30

Wow, apparently Edgar Wright of Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead fame is curating some movies at the Bloor. And on Sunday, you can see the cult classic the Warriors!! This film is awesome!! It's the future in New York!! Rival Gangs dressed up exciting garb..... oh man, please see this film some time, if not on Sunday, just rent it with some friends... I mean look at this pic.


Tribute to Big Bands at Hart House Theatre
It says "From Harry James to Maria Schnieder". So they're covering all bases. It'll be featuring Mike Murley who is no slouch on the Tenor Sax.


The Happiness Project with Laura Barrett at Music Gallery
I've said much about Laura Barrett, so I'll say no more (seeherplayASAP!). But the Happiness Project is something very interesting indeed. Musician Charles Spearing (of Do Make Say Think fame) interviewed his neighbours and put music to the inflections in their voice... you know what, just check out this video, it'll explain it all.

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