Track of The Week: You Are the Blood by Sufjan Stevens

There is a great compilation that was just released by the people who brought you No Alternative back in 1993. And, like back in ol' 93, the good folks have put together a group of bands and artists who define the music of our time. Folks like Arcade Fire, Decemberists, Antony, Conor Oberst, The National, Grizzly Bear, Beirut, The Books, David Byrne (who managed to define both ours and our parents generations), Fiest, The New Pornographers, and many more. Also on this Compilation is Sufjan Stevens.

His cover of The Castanets "You Are the Blood" pretty much blew my mind. This feels like the next evolution of his music. It's glitchy, at times Noisy, at times pretty, apocolyptic, and very exciting. It's also 10 minutes, so make sure you've given yourself enough time to listen to the whole thing. You'll need to really let it sink in.

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