Track of the Week: Erl King by Ghost Bees

The other night I was part of the Over the Top festival, playing with Timber Timbre at Studio 6 (a nondescript recording studio hiding in an alley in china town). The bill was amazing. One of those shows you never see coming. Playing last was Baby Dee, a pan-sexual entity playing the harp and singing in a John Jacob Niles-esque falsetto. It was amazing. Opening the show was Ghost Bees. I've had the opportunity to see them once before, and they are an act that stays with you long after the show is over. Twins Sari and Romy Lightman sing in haunting unison, breaking off into harmonies at the most unexpected times, plucking a mandolin and acoustic guitar. Their songs are a mix of 60's folk and medieval sounds, and like nothing you've ever heard before. I commented after the performance that seeing a band like Ghost Bees is one of the reasons I love being where I am in life. You've never seen anything like them before, and you'll probably never see anything like them again.

There is a very important visual aspect that is missed by just listening to their songs. If you ever get the chance to see them, I strongly advise that you do.

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