This Week in Toronto NXNE Edition!!!

Well, we're finally onto the big weekend, it's time for North By Northeast, Toronto's premier indie music festival. I'm just going to pick out my favourites for the weekend, but I'd love to know what you think. If there is a band you think everybody should see, please post it in the comments section.


Arts and Crafts Showcase featuring Jason Collett, Years/ The Happiness Project, Apostle of Hustle, and special Guests at the Courthouse
Wristbands only event, part one of the Arts and Crafts showcase, the special guest could be exciting since this is also a book launch for "This Book is Broken", a book about The Broken Social Scene.

Josh Reichmann and the Oracle Band at Dakota Tavern 10pm
Josh has a glam rock flair minus some of the cheesy theatrics of the genre. He also has a great band who always look like there having fun. Can't beat that.

The D'urbervilles, Lioness, and Woodhands at Drake Underground
If you're looking to dance, than this is the place. Three great exhilarating live acts.


Arts and Crafts Showcase featuring Zues, Timber Timbre, Still Life Still, Most Serene Republic and Special Guest headliner at the Courthouse

A&C's newest members for showcase number 3. Timber Timbre is great (I'm a little biased, as I'm currently playing sax in the band), but who's the special guest headliner going to be? Constantines? Broken Social Scene?

Jim Cuddy, Royal Wood and Oh Susanna at Lee's Palace 9pm
This sounds cool. Three great songwriters playing a show together backed by members of Blue Rodeo. Should be great! Make sure to stick around, because at 10pm the same band will be backing up Kevin Hearn and Jenn Grant. Then at 11 the performers are Justin Rutledge and Luke Ducet. Great idea for show!

Special Guest at Whipper Snapper Gallery 9pm
From the NXNE page: "We can't yet reveal who it is... but fear not; it's a band you will never forget seeing up close in a packed, sweaty club, and who you will kick yourself forever for missing if you choose to go elsewhere." Intriguing.

Kensington Prairies at C'est What 9pm
Up and coming label Quarry Records has two bands playing this night at C'est What, Before the Floods and Kensington Prairies. Make sure not to miss KP, one of my personal favorite bands.

Nick Zubeck at Free Times Cafe 1am
If by 1am you need some more great music, head over to the Free Times Cafe to see Nick Zubeck, one of may favorite guitarists. His songwriting is excellent and he has one of the best bands in Toronto.


Coeur De Pirate, $100, and Mark Berube at Dakota Tavern 8pm, 9pm, 1pm
Wow, wow wow. One of my favorite albums from last year was from this adorable francophone songwriter. I can't believe I'm going to miss this show!!! Please go and tell me all about it. OH, and then you get to see $100 AND Mark Berube, you lucky bastards.

Valery Gore at the Reverb 9pm
Another one of my favorite albums from last year was by Valery Gore. She's here too! Reverb, 9pm, be there or be square.

Barzin at C'est What 11pm
I swear I'll get my interview up with Barzin very soon, I promise!! Anyway go see what I keep fussing about at C'est What, 11pm sharp.


Olenka and the Autumn Lovers
, and Ghost Bees at Bread and Circus 11pm, 1pm

GO SEE THEM! And give them a big hug from me. Love these guys. See them now before the go all Arcade Fire on us and start playing large expensive venues. And if you stick around until 1pm you get a chance to see the haunting Ghost Bee's.

Casey Mecija and Evening Hymns, Brian Borcherdt at Whipper Snapper Gallery 9pm, 12am
I wasn't so sure what was going on with the Casey Mecija (Ohbijou)/Evening Hymns set, so I asked Jonus of EH and this is what he said: "We are doing a split set kind of. One solo each. And then we have a little band with members of The Wooden Sky, Ohbijou and Hidden Cameras. A couple Evening Hymns songs, some Ohbijou and then a few covers." That sounds really cool. If you stick around after, you get to see Holy Fuck front man Brian Borcherdt playing his very un-Holy Fuck sounding acoustic music.


Dan Griffin & The Regrets at Rancho Relaxo 11pm
Dan is one of the Arkells, but I'd take his solo work over that band anyday. Great singer, songwriter.

OK, those are my picks, what are yours?


D Hinson said...

Besides the aforementioned Olenka and Timber Timbre, I'm throwing out props to saccharine pop gangstas Matt and Kim.

Also, Deep Dark Woods + One Hundred Dollars at Dakota Friday night.


Shawn William Clarke said...

I've never head of Matt and Kim, I'll look them up. Thanks!

Lesley Denford said...

It's a good thing I read your blog, otherwise I wouldn't know about Coeur de Pirate! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DIDN'T TELL ME. I'm going. It's going to be awesome. Sorry you're missing it.

ambsace said...

sir richard bishop. sunday. 9:45pm. music gallery.

Shawn William Clarke said...

Looking into Sir Richard Bishop right... now.