Track of the Week: 5 Songs about Rain!

It's a pretty crappy day here in Toronto.... it's actually been a pretty crappy week. Rainy and cold. With that in mind, I did a search in my I-tunes for songs with "rain" in the title. Here are 5!

I picked up Colleen's album The Golden Morning Breaks on a whim one day at Soundscapes. For a while it provided a beautiful ambient soundtrack to my days, but I quickly forgot about it, time for a re-assesment!

Next up is an odd one. Beat Poet and author Jack Kerouac at some point recorded a few songs. One was a cover of "Come Rain or Come Shine". Kerouac is by no way a good singer, but this is definitely something worth hearing.

How about some Gordon Lightfoot? Here's a beautiful track from his album Don Quiote called "Looking at the Rain"

Another album I had picked up from Soundscapes on a whim (damn listening stations! I ALWAYS buy something!) was Richard Hawley's great country crooner album Coles Corners. This track is called "Just Like the Rain"

Tom Waits. I Love Tom Waits. Here is "Make it Rain"

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