Track of the Week: Baby Come On Home by Led Zeppelin

Monday, Monday, Monday. I'll tell ya, I'm in a Robert Plant kinda mood. I don't know why, I just am. So how about some Let Zeppelin to start us off?

Baby Come on Home was a song recorded for the bands first album, but wasn't released until 1993's compilation "Boxed Set 2". But it's a really great soulful song, and a must hear for Led Zeppelin fans.

The Page and Plant tour of the mid 90's was probably the closest we will ever get to a Led Zeppelin tour. They were supporting their duo album "Walking into Clarksdale" (a pretty good album, BTW). I was into it then, and picked up a few bootlegs, one called "Duo". That album featured one of their most experimental and I gotta say, pretty fucking cool tracks called "The Window". Check it out.

Finally, If you haven't picked it up yet, you must get a hold of Robert Plant's duet album with Alison Krauss. One thing you gotta admire about Robert Plant, is that his music is aging well with him. He isn't 18 anymore. Unlike most of the dinosaurs from his era, he's only interested in creating new music, not profiting off past endeavors (so no Honeydrippers reunion tours!). Give these tracks a listen, then rush out and pick up a copy of "Raising Sand".

Rich Woman

Your Long Journey


Alexis Marsh said...

Agreed. Raising Sand is one of my favorites in the last couple of years. Another great pick, Shawn.

Shawn William Clarke said...

Thanks Alexis!