Transformers Theme Song by Cheap Trick!?!?

Hey guys! I didn't see the last Transformers film, and probably won't see the new one. I stopped watching Micheal Bay movies a long time ago. "Pearl Harbor" was the worst movie I've ever seen. "Armageddon" wasn't far off. I remember seeing ads for "The Island" and thinking "Ok, maybe this time, Micheal Bay has made a good movie". I gave him the benefit of the doubt and within the first 20 minutes of the film, I immediately regretted that decision.... OH and the fucking "Bad Boy" movies are atrocious!! Damn. Anyways, I was surfin' the net today and came across this awesome song. It's Cheap Tricks song for the new film!! Oh man, do they NAIL IT!!! I'm all sorts of pumped listening to it (for the 4th time!). Anyways, chat soon!

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Lesley Denford said...

Way to hate on Pearl Harbour and Armageddon. I kinda liked those movies. (But yeah, The Island sucked.)

Looking forward and going home to listen to this song! IT BETTER BE GOOD, CLARKE.