Track of the Week: Beating Compass by Robert Hedge

I was searching for some local acoustic acts the other day on a new music social network called Zygiella. Kind of an odd set up, very unique, and probably what the social network world needs.... anyways, I came across a musician named Robert Hedge.

photo by Kat Topolnisky

I looked for him on myspace, said hello, and he graciously offered to send me a copy of his new 7". I love records. I said yes. This morning I got that and his first album Howling at the Sun in the mail.

All three tracks are great. It's well produced, and Robert looks to be a very promising songwriter. Here's the second track called "Beating Compass"

The 7" (called "The Observer") won't be out until September, but you can download it here at Zunior.com. I'll keep you updated on when the release show for "The Observer" happens.

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