A Horse and His Boy's Stolen Gear

Hey folks, Just wanted to let you know that one of my favorite bands from London Ontario, A Horse and His Boy, had their gear stolen the other day. It's absolutely infuriating. To think what most musicians have to go through to get the money to afford their gear, and then a couple douche hammer's can just walk in and take it all away... it makes me crazy. If you're in the London area and you meet a couple guys who suddenly have these products in their possession, send a line over to the band.

Roland SP-404
Boss SP-303
Behringer Mixer
Boss Digital Reverb RV-5
Electro Harmonix #1 Echo
Microphones, Cables, Adapters, 3 years worth of samples
A Digital Projector

Also, if you wanna help out a band who are hard on their luck, they're excepting donations at the Oh Records website openhouseartscollective.com. Hopefully they can get a hold of their gear again, and we can welcome them into Toronto with open arms!

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Joel Emberson said...

that absolutely sucks. good luck with finding the gear!