Track of the Week: Guitar Soli

Awhile back I did a podcast on some of my favorite compilations. One of the companies I featured was Numero Group. Mostly dealing with Soul/R&B, they hunt out long forgotten small labels, and find some of the best music you've never heard.

One of the series they do is called Wayfaring Strangers. This series of albums deals primarily with fork music. I just recently invested in one of the albums called "Guitar Soli". This album consists of only instrumental solo folk guitar. It's gorgeous.

So, for your listening pleasure, here are a few tracks from the album. Special thanks to Simon Trottier for turning me on to this album!

Sailor's Dream by Scott Witte

Diagonal by Richard Crandell

Baba Dream Song by Daniel Hecht

I'm planning a special Polaris Prize Podcast to be coming up very soon. So keep checking in! Talk soon.


Anonymous said...

fork music, you say?
should be interesting!

Shawn William Clarke said...

Ha, good eye!