Tonight in Toronto

Hey there. I normally don't post shows on here unless it's Thursday, or if I'm late Friday-ish... anyways, never on a Wednesday. But, I totally dropped a ball on a great show tonight.... actually I REALLY dropped the ball, here it is Wednesday, and I didn't even realize I missed posting TWiT last week! What the hell? To be fair it's been a pretty stressful week, but to not even realize it? Looking back, I wrote it, just forgot to post. Ridiculous.

Anyways, I got a great show to tell you about for tonight. What you gotta do is head over to the Polish Combatants Hall at 206 Beverly St. and catch one of Canada's best bands, Do Make Say Think. And it's in your best interest to arrive early, cause the opening acts are The Wooden Sky, and one of BtTtF's favorites Evening Hymns.

Get on it! Check out the Facebook page for more details (where to get tickets etc.)

Check in tomorrow, when I'll try to find the Publish Post button on another This Week in Toronto!

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