Toronto Songwriting Contest

A couple weeks ago, to very little fanfare, Toronto picked it's official song. A contest was held, they selected 10 finalists, and finally picked a winner. I entered a song into the contest, because I could have used the 5 grand. But I didn't expect to win. I was sure the winner would fit a certain criteria, the song would have to be poppy as hell, the music would have to feel somewhat dated, and they'd have to mention Diversity and the CN Tower. Those weren't official rules, I just looked at winners from similar contests, and figured out what works (remember the awful song that represents Ontario?)

So what does Toronto sound like? Check out the winner song "Love to Live in Toronto" here. Was I close? A friend of mine texted me the day they chose the winner and said:
"It sounds like the theme for Marine Land. Fuck, it makes me hate Toronto, but LOVE killer whales!"

Is this really what we think of Toronto? I know, I'm in a minority of people who believe Toronto is better than a cliche song that name checks every tourist trap, but where were the Toronto songwriters? The people with something to say?

Maybe you can help. I'm interested in finding a good song about Toronto. Who else entered this thing? I'd love to hear the tracks. Just send me a link in the comments section, or email the tracks to me at shawn_clarke25@hotmail.com

Check in tomorrow for This Week in Toronto, then on Friday I'll put up the second part of my interview with Evening Hymn front man, Jonas Bonnetta.


Sam Allen said...

that song is horrible. I had to turn it off.

Shawn William Clarke said...

Yeah, it's not quite what I would have hoped for.

Jenna said...

Halfway through, I expected him to just start listing intersections. Or spelling the name of the city.

Alexis said...


Anonymous said...

check out the wicked new version of the song by Divine Brown (2009 R&B Juno winner) and Dane Hartsell.