A Horse and His Boy

Holy shit, you missed out. If you weren't at Sneaky Dee's last night (and you weren't, I was there, I would have recognized you) you seriously missed out. A Horse and His Boy couldn't play their show last month thanks to some ass-hats stealing their gear. But they've since dusted themselves off, played a few shows in their hometown of London (including opening spot at LOLA), and finally made it to the big city. And what a show.

It's high energy noise, meets a solid danceable rhythm section (the bass lines are at times the most melodic part of the song), infused with Edge-esque guitar riffs. Singer Aaron Simmons has the strangest vocal delivery, a warbled yelp which by itself might become grating, but it's complemented by Nathan Noble's more melodic timbre, responding to Aaron's frantic calls.

The sound at Sneaky Dee's was a little off, unfortunately. AHAHB would be a hard band to do sound for, so it must have been a tough go. The bass was prominent during the first track, but was missing throughout the rest of the set. At times, when things really got intense, you'd just get a wash of sound, unable to distinct any instrument. But those complaints were minor.

So, can we get A Horse and His Boy back to Toronto? Can we give them an audience they deserve?

Here is a track from their debut EP (although they don't call it an EP... I'm gonna call it an EP anyways). It's called Home, and it rocks.

On a side note, I was going to bring a photographer to take some picture but that fell through. Thanks to Sara Froese and Andrew Colvin, who's photo's I pilfered for this post.

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