Track of the Week: Stayed Too Long in This Place by Barzin

I just got the chance to work with the rhythm section of Darren Wall and Marshall Bureau. Two fantastic musicians, who I've seen play with a number of great performers. One such performer is Barzin. You may recognize that name from this blog, I did an interview with him some months ago (one of my favorites, which you can read here and here). His newest album was released earlier in the year, and it's still one of my favorites. Beautiful songs about love and loss. Barzin is a great songwriter, and should be more well known, it's a crime that he isn't.

Here is one track that really showcases the the subtle precision of his band (also featuring guitarist Nick Zubeck). Have a good week!


Stuart A. Thompson said...

I learned from the London Free Press' James Reaney that Barzin's quite popular in Europe. I think the sound is probably too mellow to hit with the hipster crowd in Canada, which (I think I can say) determines the popularity of burgeoning artists in Canada through Radio 3 and the like.

I do have this album and enjoy it frequently on my mellow nights. I also love Nick Zubeck and thought he was a bit of a show-stealer when he played before Barzin at Oh! Fest. "Sentimental Devil" is a great song!

Shawn William Clarke said...

I agree. Both Nick and Barzin are greatly under-appreciated in this country. Thanks for the comment!