This Week in Toronto Oct 1-7

Short week. Don't have much to say about Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (I mean, there's a Mars Volta show on Sunday... but.... I don't feel like finding pictures, links, then I gotta write something clever, or insightful, and I just don't have that kind of drive for the Mars Volta, ya dig?)


Bruce Peninsula, Sunparlour Players, Rah Rah at the Horseshoe
This will be a great show except for one thing... it's at the Horseshoe. The first time I saw Bruce Peninsula was at the Horseshoe, and the sound was so bad that I couldn't get into it. I've since seen the band a number of times, and they're amazing, but damn, hopefully the Horseshoe does something about the sound... And Rah Rah again!! Love Rah Rah!


David Cross at Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Probably sold out, but if you can get in, or already have tickets, it'll be hilarious. If you can't get in, maybe try...

Os Mutantes at Opera House
Legends of the Tropicalia movement from Brazil. An exciting blend of 60's psych rock and Brazilian rhythms. Very cool.


Nick Zubeck at The Local
Yeah, it's the night of Nuit Blanche, but that's running until like 6am. You can stop by the Local first, check out a few choice cuts from the emensly talented Nick Zubeck (and his fantastic band), then go see your deviant art. Sound good?

photo by Sara Collaton


A Clockwork Orange playing at Bloor Cinema 9pm
I knew this film was banned in the UK up until after Kubrick died, but what I didn't know was that it was pulled by Kubrick himself. Apparently he had received death threats on his family. Thanks Wikipedia!


Stuart A. Thompson said...

Oh man Nick's playing? I was totally going to nuit blanche this weekend until plans fell through! Blah! And I could have done both in the same night. Oh well, looks like it's Western homecoming for me this weekend...

Alexis said...

Went to the David Cross show in LA and Bob Odenkirk showed up! Great show. Best part was when he brought out the SkyMall magazine.