Track of the Week: Hommage by Patrick Watson

Hey there folks. Have a good Labour day weekend? See any good shows? I didn't. I stayed away from venues and spend a lot of time with friends, vinyl and video games. Now I'm back, and here we have the track of the week!

The big Polaris prize anouncment is about 13 days away. I've already let my opinion known here and did a special Polaris podcast you can listen to here. I think the clear winner is Patrick Watson. I don't care that he's already won, he has made the most complete and interesting album on the list (the top 10 I mean, there are a couple in the top 40 which I think are better, but that's neither here nor there).

I just want to listen to some Patrick Watson. So I give you, from his new album Wooden Arms (which you should all own by now), a beautiful instrumental track called "Hommage".

And one more, because 2 minutes of Patrick Watson just isn't enough, here is "Man Like You"

Stop in tomorrow, I have a new edition to my Great Albums Series, and it's a live album by one of the greatest trumpet players of all time... that's all I'll say. See you tomorrow!

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