This week in Toronto Oct 15-21

Thisssssss Week in Toronto. Actually I couldn't find very much. Suggestions?


Most Serene Republic at the MOD Club
Woo. They're fun... MOD club's a good venue to see a fun band in.... we all like fun!


William Delray, EX-PO and Before the Flood at Rancho Relaxo
Three really great acts (and a closing act I've never heard of) on one bill! Get there at 9:30 cause that's when the show starts... seems obvious.


Book of Gnomes at the Local
I love walking up the road to see good music. I'll probably be there, come say hi. Oh and the Gnomes are working on a new album... that's cool!


Millers Crossing and The Big Lebowski at Bloor Cinema 7 and 9:20pm
Coen brothers are brilliant. And Miller's Crossing and Big Lebowski are two of their best films. Good way to spend a Monday night.


Maya said...

Birthday Boys, 8pm tonight at the Rivoli (Songs From A Room and Revolver are opening). No-nonsense, good old fashioned rock n' roll!

Maya said...

Sorry, The Rivoli's website lists the wrong link for Revolvers... This is their actual myspace:

Shawn William Clarke said...

Awesome! Thanks Maya!

historyjen said...

So many great shows this weekend!
You already missed Katie Stelmanis, Diamond Rings, and PS I Love You, and Friday Dan Mangan, Two Hours Traffic (w/ Spiral Beach), The Diableros, Cuff the Duke, and Shout Out Out Out Out are all playing! Insanity. SOOOO and Cuff are playing Saturday too.

Shawn William Clarke said...

Thanks Jen! Although, I think most of those shows were on dates that I Already had an event for. I was having a bit of trouble finding late week stuff... I think it's more because I was lazy when I wrote the post.

ambsace said...

echo and the bunnymen on the 20th! i seriously wish i could afford to go to that. it's going to be amazing (also, it's in kitchener, but emmylou harris is playing the same night!).

NEXT week is when things get really serious, though. too many shows next week.