This Week in Toronto Oct 22- 28

Hello everyone. A good week for music, and one great film playing! Click the links to learn more (hear music, read info etc), and feel free to place a comment in the comment section!


Rah Rah at El Mocambo
I've mentioned this Saskatchewan band a few times. They've been playing in Toronto quite a bit (Saskatchewan must miss these guys). But it's our gain. Infectious Arcade Fire-esque rock and roll.


Miles Davis Tribute at Trane Studio
featuring Brownman, Colin Kingsmore Kevin Breit and others. They're coving his great early 70's period starting from "Bitches Brew" (really?! Skipping "In a Silent Way"?!)... unfortunately they're also covering his tacky early to late 80's post retirement albums.... But if this means I'll hear something from 72's On the Corner, then I'm happy.


Malajube at the Horseshoe
Polaris Short list band from Montreal. They have an indie prog vibe that I quite enjoy. Check it, I think it's only like $12.


On The Waterfront playing at Cinematheque Ontario
This will be great! Cinematheque has a new restored print of this Elia Kazan classic. This is Marlon Brando at his best here, a must see for any cinephile.


Arlo Guthrie at Oakville Center for the Performing Arts
Folk legend, performer at Woodstock, and son to the greatest folk legend Woody Guthrie. Unfortunately you have to go to Oakville to see him, so, I won't make the trip (I break into hives the moment I cross the Mississauga border).


Andrew Collins and The Sure Thing at Cameron House Front Room
The only person I know to study jazz at Humber college on Mandolin. The man is brilliant. You can usually see him Wednesday nights at Silver Dollar with Crazy Strings, but now he has a solo album out, and the music if awe-inspiring. The Sure Thing is an amazing bluegrass/country/ rock band, so I hope they're playing together.


William Delray at Cameron House Back Room
And if it's not your thing, head into the back room and catch the rock collective that is William Delray.


Stuart A. Thompson said...

I can vouch for Rah Rah. They've got so much energy. and I mean I could watch that violinist all day long.

they're back in london on monday, too! busy beavers

cant believe TO's got them, malajube and brando with a bit of miles in one week. what the eff. we have, umm...??

primerica life insurance said...

Oh, I didn't really know most of these artists. Thanks for informing, though, I checked them out. Rah Rah are cool. Too bad I missed them this time. Next time they're in Toronto hopefully I will go to see them.