Track of the Week: Olenka and the Autumn Lovers AND Wilderness of Manitoba

Hey folks, there is a really great show happening next Thursday. Really great. I mean, one of those shows that people will say they went to even though they didn't. It features two bands in particular that are on the verge of great things, and you can see them at the Garrison right before they break.

I've said so much about Olenka and the Autumn Lovers. Olenka is one of the most important songwriters on the scene today. She's brilliant, and prolific. Her band is top notch. Their self titled debut features many great songs, but here is one of my favorites When We Were Children.

Wilderness of Manitoba is a band I've recently had the pleasure to see. They write beautiful folk songs with lush harmonies. Their 8 song EP Hymns of Love and Spirit is one of the finest releases of the year. This is a track called Manitoba.

Also playing is a band called Slow Down Molasses, who I'm unfortunately unfamiliar with. But I've heard a lot of good things, included this write up by blogger Stuart Thompson.

Check in tomorrow when I'll be continuing my coverage of this show with part one of my interview with Wilderness of Manitoba.

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Alexis said...

This is my favorite thing to do on monday, Shawn. Check your track of the week. Make it monday tomorrow. What should I be listening to?