Men of Salt, Men of Earth

Hello. How are things this fine Wed morn? Things are OK here, thanks for asking. Over the year and a half that I've had this blog, I've really focused it from a Toronto arts Blog to a Toronto Music Blog. But every so often I have to put up news about something I know little to nothing about, and that something is writing (as this first rambling sentence proves). But one of my collaborators, Matt Lennox, has published his first book of short stories. Matt has put up a couple articles here under the title Walk the Planck.

I've read a couple of these stories and they're great. Lennox sits comfortably in the company of Hemingway and Cormac McCarthy. His stories are honest, biographical, and retain some of his wicked sense of humor. If you're a fan of the short story genre, or just want to read an exciting and new voice in Toronto, you can pick up a copy of his book here at Oberon Press.

Also, there will be a book release, probably on December 3rd, more details will appear as we get closer. See ya tomorrow!

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