Track of the Week: Outro by Brooke Manning

Last week I got the chance to conduct an interview with Brooke Manning. She'll be playing with her band (who sometimes perform under the name Loom) at Not My Dog tomorrow night (1510 Queen W). I will probably not get the interview up before the show, but I plan on having it up very soon, so keep checking back. In the mean time, why don't you give a listen to a track from her new EP "Bride + Loom"?

This track is called Outro. A beautiful haunting piece of music, featuring brooding synth, sax and Brooke's vocals, dwelling on themes of love and loss. The repeated line "I Never Told You That I Love You" particularly cuts deep. Oh, and her dog makes an appearance!

Chat with you folks later.


Stuart A. Thompson said...

This is really pretty. I like that never-ending organ sound. What is that? Seven minutes of it. Woah! Very intense, especially next to her voice. It's funny how much mood you can achieve with so little. Kind of sounds like it fits in Blade Runner.

Shawn William Clarke said...

I know! I interviewed her, and she was saying that song was sort of an after thought. Really great though.


shawn, you really are a dream.
actually, the track was recorded in one take from scratch.. we wanted to make an improv song so i let the boys brood and i sung on top. after thought. after. thought.