Lists! Best of 09 by Eddie Orso

So this is a special Sunday edition of Birds, as I have a bunch of year end lists to put up before the year actually ends. Last week I had a top 10 album list from Illustrator Andrew Patterson. Today, we'll be handing the list writing over to musician Eddie Orso. You might remember Eddie from the band Revival Dear. Eddie is off on his own now, and about to release his debut album (I've heard a bit of it, and it should be fantastic!) Here's the list:

1. Joel Plaskett ( 3 )

2. Levon Helm ( Electric Dirt )

3. Elvis Costello ( Secret, Profane, Sugarcane )

4. Black Crowes ( Before The Frost )

5. Ben Kweller ( Changing Horses )

6. Wilco ( The Album )

7. Corin Raymond ( There Will Always Be A Small Time )

8. M Ward ( Hold Time )

9. Camera Obscura (My Mauldin Career)

10. Gomez ( A New Tide )

Nice. Thanks Eddie. Expect more lists this week, including a special Track of the Week tomorrow. It's a Podcast of my favorite tracks of the year! See ya then!

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