Best Songs of '09 Podcast

Howdy folks. I usually put up a track of the week on Monday, but I'm doing something different today. I've put together 10 of my favorite songs released this year, in podcast form, and I believe you can download this one! Now, of coarse this isn't definitive. There are lots of songs I didn't hear this year, and I've probably forgotten a few good ones I have heard. But hopefully this will give you an hour of good listening. I'd love to know what songs all of you dug this year, so please feel free to list them in the comments section. Here is the podcast. I've posted the complete list below it, if you're too impatient to listen for your favorite song.

Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear

Tidal Wave by Whipping Wind

New Years by Ohbijou

Demon Host by Timber Timbre

Dead Deer by Evening Hymns

When the Night Comes by Dan Auerbach

Eazy Speaks by Apostle of Hustle

Two Doves by The Dirty Projectors

Beijing by Patrick Watson

You Are The Blood by Sufjan Stevens


Alexis said...

Yes. Thank you Shawn! Love your picks. Happy New Year. Looking forward to hearing your picks for 2010.

Joel said...

good picks and great podcast! love that Whipping Wind track