List! Best of 09 by Nathan Noble

Here is a third entry into the guest top ten albums of 09! A Horse and His Boy is a great dance punk act out of London Ontario, a while back I sent them a request for a band-picked top 10 list. Apparently that is still in the works, but Keyboardist/singer Nathan Noble sent me his personal list AND his 10 ten concerts of 09! I love how diverse the three lists (other 2 by illustrator Andrew Patterson, and singer/songwriter Eddie Orso) are. Here we go!

Photo by Andrew Colvin

Top Ten Albums or EP's of 2009 late 08 (in no particular order)

St. Vincent - Actor

The Most Serene Republic ..And The Ever Expanding Universe

Pick A Piper S/T EP

Dead Mellotron - Ghost Light Constellation

Bruce Peninsula -A Mountain Is A Mouth

Fraser- House on a Hill

Timber Timbre -S/T

Foals - Antidotes

A Lending Library - Halloween

The Riderless- Auction

Nathan's top live acts of recent memory. (in no particular order)

The Winks
Fond of Tigers
Aleks and The Ramps
Sick Friend
Olenka & The Autumn Lovers
Birds Across Water
Exit 2012
The Riderless
Timber Timbre
St. Vincent

Thanks Nathan! Well, folks tomorrow is the day that I finally get my top 10 albums list up!! So make sure you check that shit out. Talk soon.

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