No Shame: Wilderness Of Manitoba, Ghost Bees, Casey Mecija

Last night I finally got out of the house, after finding $8 worth of change to pay for cover, and walked the 40 minutes from my house to the Garrison. Last nights event, put on by No Shame (the new exciting promotion company) featured a great lineup of Casey Mecija (of Ohbijou fame), Ghost Bees, and Wilderness of Manitoba.

I'll get to the show in a bit, but first a quick question to most of the audience; Who where you there to see last night? I only ask because a good amount of you talked through the whole show. As a case study I picked a couple small groups around the room and from time to time would observe them. The talked through Casey Mecija's set. The talked through Ghost Bee's set (although they may be forgiven for it, more on that later), and they talked through the Wilderness set. Why did they pay $8 to be there?! It's one thing to have a small conversation once in a while, but....

Anyways, on with the show. Casey put on a short set of new songs (with the odd Ohbijou cover), playing guitar, a bass drum and hi hat. She has a sweet voice, and I didn't really miss the full band she's usually with.

Ghost Bee's had problems from the beginning. At the time of their performance the keyboard player had yet to show up. So the already restless audience became more restless, and by the time the show got started barely anyone was listening. The normal Ghost Bees lineup of twins Romy and Sari was extended to add John O'Reagan (Diamond Rings) and the late keyboard player who's name I didn't catch. The additions weren't very helpful. Not to blame the musicians, but Ghost Bees are really an entity of their own, I honestly don't know what anybody could add to their unique sound. Seriously if you can see them in a more suitable venue, do it. Ghost Bees can be one of the most mesmerizing acts around, last night just wasn't the night.

photo by Dallas Ludwick

The Wilderness of Manitoba are rising fast. Not only are they rising in popularity and praise, but they're progressing musically at a fast rate. The addition of Sean Lancaric on drums has brought the band to a new level. Now we get the dynamic range only hinted at on "Hymns of Love and Spirit". I can't wait to hear their new album, which we'll hopefully be seeing sometime this summer.

Well that's all folks. It looks like I'm being dragged to the CBC haiti benefit tonight which, although for a good cause, features the worst of Canadian music. I just hope Kanaan sings something other than "Waving Flag".


historyjen said...

Pretty sure that was Katie Stelmanis on keys. I was doing merch table duties during WOM's set, so didn't really hear much. Another time! Fun night, but I heard very little actual music!

Shawn William Clarke said...

Thanks Jen! Katie Stelmanis... Too bad you got stuck with merch duty! The show was good! Very fun night!