This day in Toronto: Thurs Jan 21

Hey kids. Just a quick one today. I'll try to get the rest of the week up later today. On this day you have some seriously awesome choices for shows, they are as follows:

Dinosaur Jr at Sonic Boom 6:30
This is awesome for so many reasons. The big one is that it's free! Dinosaur Jr! for Free!! In a small intimate room!! Get there early.

Wilderness of Manitoba, Ghost Bees, and Casey Mecija at the Garrison
The good folks at No Shame have put together another stellar lineup. Wilderness sound better every time I see them play, Ghost Bees are one of the most mesmerizing acts playing today, and Casey Mecija... well, I'm really curious to see what her solo work is going to be like. I do enjoy Ohbijou, so I imagine it'll be great.

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