Putumayo Giveaway 2: South Africa!!

Helloooo! Last month I was put in a position to give away a CD from the great company Putumayo. For those who don't know the name, you'd know the product. Just take a look at this pic:

Look familiar? Right, you've seen these albums! Anyways, they've just released the one pictured above called "South Africa", and I have two to give away!! So... what should I ask you? Well, how about you name me one musician from Africa. That's all, email me at shawn_clarke25@hotmail.com, tell me the name of one African musician, and I'll send you a copy of this. Sound good?

In the mean time give this a peep, a wonderful little track from the compilation called "Orlando"


Kerry said...

i really wanted to tell you that i used to think (when i was 5) that ladysmith black mambazo were slaves forced to sing with paul simon...

Shawn William Clarke said...

HAHA Best comment ever!