Note From the Editor: Al Green and Bob Dylan

Ok, so everyone here is familiar with a gentleman by the name of Al Green, right?  Let's Stay Together?  How Can you Mend a Broken Heart?  Well, he's the man.  He's a soul icon.  Mavin Gaye would be his only competition... if he wasn't dead.  Anyways, Al Green is now known as the Reverend Al Green, and has been for a while, so what that means is, although he's still released a few albums, they've been mainly spiritual in nature.  That doesn't always equate a bad album, but his albums have been lacking that great sexy soul that he's known for.  Apparently until now.  His newest album "Lay It Down" is being cited as a return to form.  I've yet to hear it, (although there's a great "making of" on You Tube here) as it's official release date is May 27th, but man, does this sound promising.  Ya know who produced it?  None other than ?uestlove, the afro-ed drummer of the Roots!  He's also the drummer on the sessions.  Horns?  The Dap Kings!  Guest spots?  John Legend!  Corinne Bailey Rae!  Anyways, it might not add up to much, but something about this really excites me.

On a side note, I found this FANTASTIC rendition of Let's Stay Together that Paul Shaffer put
together for The Late Night 7th Aniversary show in 1989.  Featuring Al Green, Carlos Santana,
Tito Puente, David Sanborn (his wanker-y gets a little much), Melissa Etheridge and more.... Amazing.

A special Happy birthday to Bob Dylan today.  We share this birthday as well as a few other things.... we're both musicians....  we're both as well know for our drug use as we are for our music...  Are voices irritate many...  we've both dated Joan Baez...  And, I'll be playing at the 8th annual Bob Dylan Tribute night tonight at the Free Times Cafe!!  bum pa da dummmm!!!!
Anyways, there are some great acts playing tonight, Noah Zacharin, Brooke Harris, Alistair Christl and Soles Mojo, who, rumour has it, is baking cakes!!!  I've also heard there are special guests playing, so... maybe Dylan?  Nope.  But should be fun none the less. 


Kaya Fraser said...

Oh man. I cannot WAIT for that Al Green album...

Alexis Marsh said...

Don't hate on Sanborn, Shawn. You go too far.

Shawn William Clarke said...

oh come on, did you watch the video? it's all soulful and goovin' and than Sanborn shows up with his tacky urban heat!!