This Week In Toronto (May 22-28)

Howdy kids.  Here we are at the (almost) end of May, and there really isn't much to report this week....  But it's quality, not quantity!... um... that's not all that correct either...  But I'm playing on Saturday, and it's my birthday!  So, there's that.    If anyone has anything to add that I missed (especially this week) please feel free to post it in the comments section.  And click on links to learn more about... whatever has been linked!


Hmm...  nothing really jumping out at me in the music dept.  I see there's a band playing the Horseshoe called Square Root of Margaret.... that's an unfortunate name.  

Classic Albums Live: Led Zeppelin IV at the Pheonix
So, the best thing I can find for tonight is a cover band.  But a well rehearsed cover band consisting of some of Toronto's best musicians, playing one of the greatest rock albums of all time.  (I prefer Led Zeppelin III, but I think that's because I'm a little more sensitive than the average Zep fan).  

Blue Velvet playing at Bloor Cinema 4:30.
Seems like an odd time to watch Denis Hopper huff gas, but who am I kidding, any time is a good time to watch Denis Hopper huff gas. 


Royal Wood at Hugh's Room
Well this would be a nice way to spend your friday night.  Royal Wood, plus 5 other artists doing something called "70's Soft Rock Extravaganza".   Royal Wood is a fantastic singer songwriter, and even though I have no idea what the night is about, his music would nicely fit into that description.  

worst band name for friday night: Pink Dead Whale.  Playing the Rivoli.


8th Annual Bob Dylan Tribute at Free Times Cafe (featuring Me!)
Every year the good folks at Free Times Cafe (mainly Ryan, super-booker), put on this Bob Dylan tribute on his birthday.  It's always very well received, and this year I have the honor of being a part of it...  And it's my birthday.  Also playing are: Noah Zacharin, Soles Mojo, Brooks Harris, and Alistair Christl.  Plus special guests.  The only performer I've seen before is Noah, and he's fantastic. 

Elizabeth Shepherd at Commensal
Elizabeth is more than just some other jazz pianist.  She cleverly mixes her love of jazz with more modern elements of Soul, hip hop and what ever else tickles her fancy... and it doesn't come off like some jazzer moonlighting to appease the kids.  

Nas at Kool Haus
Hip hop legend, playing the Kool Haus.  Supporting his new album with the slightly controversial title "Nigger".   The great thing about a hip-hop performer like Nas is that, when he uses the word, he has something to say.  No bling required.  

Rock of Ages (Def Leppard tribute) at Rock and Roll Heaven
Def Leppard Tribute?  This'll probably suck.... but it might not.   I've linked some killer Def Leppard videos.  Click the links, thank me later.

Worst Band Name Sat night: C-Sexshun.  Playing Velvet Underground.

Rocky Horror Picture Show playing at Fox Theatre 11:30 pm
Cult classic.... well, I don't need to tell you that.  Tim Curry!  A very young Susan Surandan!  The Time Warp!  THE movie to see with an audience.

The Princess Bride 1pm and Lawrence of Arabia 3pm at revue Cinema
That's a double feature!  I glowed about the princess bride 2 weeks ago, how you'd have to be a souless SOB to hate this film.  But Lawrence of Arabia, that's a film to see on the big screen.  Take both films in...  Action!  Adventure! Andre! Arabia!  


I think Nathan is here every Sunday, so just assume that's the case, and go check him out.  

Best Band Name Sun (and possibly all week): Stop Drop n Skank.  Playing Reverb.

The God Delusion playing at Fox theatre 7pm
I've yet to see this documentary of Richard Dawkins controversial text.  But I've read the book, and his atheistic theories are highly convincing.  Bring a religious friend!


Manhattan playing at Bloor Cinema 9:10
One of my favourite movies.  Worth it for the introduction alone.  Gershwin music supporting a slew of Manhattan visuals, and with Woody Allen's clever introduction.   I love Annie Hall, but everytime I watch Manhattan, it comes closer to being my favourite WA movie.  If it's the same print I saw at the Revue a few months ago, than this will be a treat.  Gorgeous Black and White Cinematography. 

Raging Bull playing at Fox Cinema 9:20
Part of a Martin Scorcese double feature with Shine a Light, his new doc on the stones.  Raging Bull is equal parts beautiful and brutal.  Robert Deniro is perfect as Jake Lamotta, staging a cinematic rise and fall that couldn't be more human.   


Run with Kittens at Cameron
you need to see the video again.  And these are they guys who brought you the Orillia Video.


Ohbijou and Sebastien Grainger at The Rhino (upstairs)
I got a flyer for this one.  It's called "Past Our Bedtime, a super Party!".  All the proceeds are going to a good cause, "Cow Over the Moon Children's Theatre".  And it features Ohbijou!  Ohbijou are becoming parkdale legends, If you like beautiful melodies, delicate vocals, and local references, you'll love Ohbijou.... Plus, Sebastien Grainger!  name ring a bell?  Well, he was in Death From Above.  His current band is totally different (full band and all), but still fantastic.  

Neil Young tribute at Hugh's Room
I'm not condoning this one.  There are a lot of good tributes to see this week, and this isn't one of them.  It's not that I don't like Neil Young, I love him, and did a tribute night for him a few months back.  No, it's the artist I don't approve of.  Liam Titcombe? Isn't he the guy who's only famous for riding his bike to gigs?  Chantel Kreviazuk?  I don't know, this sounds bad.  Although I did see Kevin Hearn of barenaked Ladies perform once, and it was pretty good.

LMT Connection at Orbit Room
these guys play every Wed at Orbit Room, and have for a long time.  They are a smoking cover band, a lot of soul and RnB.  Better than a Juno-friendly Neil Young Tribute.

Manhattan playing at Bloor Cinema 4:30.
See it twice!  Woody Allen's ode to his favourite city.

Thats it for this week!  I promise to put up the first edition of "Places in Toronto" this weekend... I swear.... 


Quarry Records said...

Don't forget the Before the Flood CD release party at the Cadillac Lounge on Saturday, May 24th. Dave Borins is opening and the whole thing kicks off at 9pm.

Lesley Denford said...

Bob Dylan tribute show at Free Times on Saturday, and Shawn's birthday? Sold. I'm so there.

Sam Allen said...

happy birthday!
and playing at a Bob Dylan tribute!
... that's three lines and three exclaimation points.
hope it was fun yesterday. If I was in the area, I'd be there in a flash, let me know next time you're in London, and we can do some Bobby.

Kerry said...

hey shawn, if you don't remember from the cine vibes program, liam titcombe didn't ride his bikes to the gigs, it was jeremy fisher...the guy who sang that lemon meringue pie song. i think liam titcombe's claim to fame is that his last name is titcombe, and it's funny.
ps happy birthday, and sorry we didn't make it to your gig, our bikes had flat tires. (actually, i'm going to say it was entirely erin's fault)

Shawn William Clarke said...

ha, yeah I guess that WAS Jeremy Fisher... I owe Liam Titcombe (tee hee) an apology.
Thats ok, it was a fun night. And I'll accept that it was Erin's fault.