Interviews! The Best of Birds

Hey folks! It's Friday, and I'm off to St. Catherines for a wedding (not very music related, I know). Anyways, since I didn't have much for you today, I've decided to take inventory of my Interviews for The website. It turns out I've done 10 so far, and hopefully there will be plenty more to come. So, just in case you missed one or two, here are links to all 10! Starting with my very first, an email interview with Olenka Krakus

Olenka Krakus (Olenka and the Autumn Lovers) 05/09/08

Olenka Krakus Part 1
Olenka Krakus Part 2

Ryan Ayakawa (music booker) 07/27/08

Nic Lefevbre (Birdsacrosswater, Hunt Chant) 08/04/08

Stacey Case (Trash Palace proprietor, Tiajuana Bibles drummer) 11/03/08

Stacey Case Part 1
Stacey Case Part 2

Nick Zubeck (Guitarist/singer) 02/10/09

Nick Zubeck Part 1

Nick Zubeck Part 2

Valery Gore (Singer/pianist) 02/23/09

Stagehands (Rock and Roll by way of Broadway) 02/23/09

Stagehands Part 1

Stagehands Part 2

Noah Zacharin (Toronto folk legend talks Dylan) 05/19/09

Barzin 06/23/09

Bazin Part 1
Barzin Part 2

Taylor Kirk (Timber Timbre) 06/30/09

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